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View of the Endeavour River. Silentworld Foundation collection SF001479.

Iron ballast from HMB Endeavour

On 10 June 1770, HMB Endeavour under the command of Captain James Cook was sailing north along the east coast of Australia. At 11 pm, it struck a reef and started taking on water. Desperate to lighten the ship, the crew heaved nearly 48 tons of material over the side, including ballast and cannons. At the next high tide Endeavour was pulled free. The crew spent the next six weeks repairing the ship at what became known as Endeavour River in Queensland...

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Figure 6: After Treatment, Sword handle. Image: Heather Berry/Silentworld Foundation.

How to clean a sword

Conservator Heather Berry explains the process of cleaning a naval sword made of metals, shark skin and a leather case, as well as, the conservation requirements for each material.

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Map. Hand coloured copper engraving. Maris Pacifici. 345mm x 497mm. Antwerp, 1595. The first printed map to be devoted solely to the Pacific, and the first to name North and South America separately. It includes most of North and South America...

The fabled land of Beach, Locach, Java La Grande, and Terra Australis Incognita

How 40,000 years after the first Australians arrived, Australia was “discovered” again

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