Figure 6: After Treatment, Sword handle. Image: Heather Berry/Silentworld Foundation.

How to clean a sword

The closer you look, the more cleaning you will do...

I recently had the wonderful opportunity to carry out some routine cleaning on a dress sword in the Silentworld collection (SF001088). As ever, what appeared routine ended up being almost anything but. Read more

Oysters and pitch on plank. © Sydney Metro.

Cleaning the Barangaroo Boat

How does one clean a boat?

I was once turfed off the side of a working boat in scuba gear, handed a brush and told to not come up till it was clean. In this scenario, there were no issues with becoming filthy myself, as I was underwater – but how does one clean a 200 year old, heavily sedimented, in pieces, on land, archaeological boat? With dish brushes, toothbrushes, plastic scrapers, and care. Read on, and find out more! Read more