Very Superstitious

Cats, women, tomahawks and whistling. Superstitions around the seas and waterways are in no short supply no matter where upon the face of the Earth we find ourselves. In this episode we explore some of the more well known supestitions held by sailors through the ages, explore some of the beliefs held amongst our near neighbours in Melanesia and recall/recount some hair-raising moments we have come across during our archival research and fieldwork.


By Episode Topics

Melanesian Beliefs

The Cessnock Eagle and South Maitland Recorder (NSW : 1913 – 1954) Fri 10 Oct 1930 Page 8

Superstitions Abandoned

The Armidale Express and New England General Advertiser (NSW : 1856 – 1861; 1863 – 1889; 1891 – 1954) Tue 12 Jun 1900 Page 3

Superstitions Between Land and Sea

Hole, C., 1967. Superstitions and Beliefs of the Sea. Folklore, 78(3), pp.184-189

Last known photograph of AE1 before it vanished.