Charles X medal for the departure of the first voyage of the ASTROLABE

Medal. Charles X medallion commemorating the departure of the first voyage of the ASTROLABE. Extremely fine. Duperrey. Dumont d’Urville.

This medal commemorates the departure on 25 April 1826 of the first voyage of the ASTROLABE to the South Seas under the command of Dumont d’Urville. The inscription on the reverse reads “S.A.R. Mgr. Le Dauphin, Admiral de France. Me. Le Cte. Chabrol de Crouzol, Pair de France, Ministre de la Marine. Mr. Dumont d’Urville, Captain de Fregate, Comt. L’Expedition.

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The ASTROLABE (Duperrey’s old ship the COQUILLE was renamed in honour of La Pérouse) was instructed to explore the principal island groups in the South Pacific, completing the work of the Duperrey voyage, on which the commander had been a naturalist. The expedition sailed via the Cape of Good Hope, through Bass Strait, stopped at Port Philip and arrived at Sydney on 1 December 1828. They later sailed via the northwest coast of Australia to Tasmania, from where they proceeded to Vanikoro in search of traces of La Pérouse.

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