Vendor: Mossgreen. Indigenous Australian spearthrower / womera. c1800s. South Australia. Spearthrowers are also commonly known as Woomera or Miru. The spearthrower is usually made from mulga wood and has a multi- function purpose. It is however primarily designed to launch a spear. The thrower grips the end covered with Spinifex resin and places the end of the spear into the small peg on the opposite end of the spearthrower. The spear can then be launched with substantial power at an enemy or prey. Inserted into the Spinifex resin of the handle of many spearthrowers is very sharp piece of quartz rock. This is used for cutting, shaping or sharpening. The spearthrower was also used as a fire making saw, as a receptacle of mixing ochre, in ceremonies and to deflect spears in battle. (

The Major Hasson Collection, United States of America.
Bunks Auctions, North Carolina.
20 July 2002 Private Collection Queensland Australia

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Resin, twine, Wood